The Barrientos Process

Barrientos Design has become successful using a proactive and comprehensive approach to all projects. We believe that the schematic phase is critical to establish the owner’s intent and to document reasons behind decisions with accurate and timely meeting minutes. If the schematic phase is executed correctly, small projects tend to go very smoothly with few issues.

In all projects, the design development and construction document phases should run smoothly and efficiently, as time delays are the worst enemy of the architect’s design budget. With this in mind, we set up a meeting schedule and stick to it. We engage the owner as part of the team, providing answers to questions that come up, providing feedback and review comments for inclusion in the final design.

We emphasize excellent communication throughout the project, but especially in the contract administration phase. If an owner and our A/E team have done a good job of communicating throughout the design phases, then they can stand united during construction to maintain tight control over change orders, and can keep the project moving. At Barrientos Design, we consider the contractor a team member, and believe an adequate bid package should yield a contractor who understands the intent of the owner. We strive to work fairly with all parties in the event of a conflict or change order.