Design Process

Our design process often begins with a strong idea that is further explored through hand sketching and iterative revision. We strive to intimately create space, while revealing the intricate details of our work. Our aim is to connect with the environment and the community while integrating functional aspects of the project and reflecting our client’s ideology, vision and heritage. We also strive to balance our building design with nature by seeking to create an architectural design that is restorative, balanced and harmonious with an imprint of human touch in the details.

We approach architecture and design in a comprehensive manner, meaning that we believe that the entire process from project inception to project completion is important to the overall success of the project. The concept of integration is very important in our work; team integration, owner integration, design integration, systems integration and construction document integration are several of the many factors that need to be orchestrated during the course of the project. The idea of encouraging a high-degree of team collaboration throughout all stages of work is a key component of the Integrated Project Delivery process that we subscribe to. In our experience, this process facilitates a convergence of design and construction. It also harnesses the talents and insights of all participants to optimize project results and to maximize efficiency.

Working in the Office