Boys & Girls Club Mardak Center

Barrientos redesigned the ground floor of the client’s administrative headquarters to accommodate its current needs and plan for future growth. The design solution included a predominately open plan with low workstations. To enhance the layout and to create a lively atmosphere, ceiling clouds float above the workstations. Perimeter offices feature frosted sidelights to bring more light into the workplace and yet retain a sense of privacy.

Separating the office area from the multipurpose lounge, a feature wood and glass wall allows daylight from the atrium to permeate the space. Additional elements of the project include a conference space, training rooms equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual equipment, and a staff break room. Barrientos’
vibrant color palette enlivens the headquarters while complementing existing interior elements. The overall result is a creative, efficient and inspiring space for staff and visiting professionals.

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