Fond du Lac Highway Department Study

Barrientos Design and Consulting was hired to design a new satellite garage in Campbellsport but was asked first to examine the Fond du Lac County Highway Department as a whole to determine the needs of the new garage.

We began the process by gathering information on the staffing, vehicles, equipment, and storage needs of the Fond du Lac County Highway Department and touring each of the County’s four facilities. We used the current buildings, staffing, and vehicle counts as the basis for our assessment.

The main focus of the study was to review the Fond du Lac County Highway Department buildings and sites. We reviewed how all of these spaces work for the Department and the condition of the buildings themselves. To further assist the County in making the appropriate decisions for the direction of the Fond du Lac garage we provided benchmarking data to compare it to other main highway department garage facilities in similarly sized counties.

From there we developed several options on the Fond du Lac site for the County to consider, including in some of the options the idea of fully utilizing the Mannis Property across the street from the main garage.

The final report included five different options for the Fond du Lac County Board to chose from to update their current facilities.