Hindu Temple of Wisconsin

Barrientos Design is working with the Hindu Temple of Wisconsin on a new addition to their existing temple located in Pewaukee, WI.

The temple is located atop a gentle hill into which the new addition will be built. Since the new addition will be built in the direction of the current entrance, a new main entrance with Dhwaja will be built. This will necessitate a new entrance sequence be developed from the parking lot to the building.

According to Hindu beliefs, the restrooms must be located before the Dhwaja so both sets of restrooms will be relocated accordingly.  In total, the temple is going to be adding on approximately 7,500 square feet. Major components of the addition include:

  • New entrance sequence
  • New Gopuram above entrance
  • New coatroom
  • New restrooms
  • Remodeling of the existing restroom areas
  • New community/board room