WE Energies Resource Management Building

Occupying more than 1,000 acres of land on the shore of Lake Michigan, WE Energies Oak Creek Power Plant currently contributes 20 percent of the total system electric energy for southeastern Wisconsin. The Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS) that are being constructed to service the existing generating units are designed to make the Oak Creek Power Plant one of the cleanest coal fired power plants in the United States.

Barrientos Design was commissioned by WE Energies for the AQCS project that requires two new buildings to be constructed; an Office Building for AQCS project construction staff and for present plant Resource Management staff. The office building program includes space to serve 100 visitors to the training
center and conference rooms, and 60 full-time staff for the current Resource Management Group (RMAN), Day and Zimmerman NPS (DZNPS), and Washington Group International (WGI). When construction of the new AQCS
system is complete the space occupied by WGI will be vacated and used as office space for Oak Creek Power Plant maintenance and operations staff.