Schuester Retail Galleria

Barrientos Design and Consulting worked with Jerry Kostner to create a Galleria on Mitchell Street in Milwaukee.  The Galleria will house a traditional Mercado and a variety of retail stores.  The renovated building is organized to unify the shopping expeience of the Mercado visitors with the retail store shoppers.

The upper level of the building is separated into a series of rectangular spaces that can be rented as stand along retail stores while the Mercado activities are primarily moved to the lower level.  In an effort to maintain the vibrancy of the Mercado experience as well as its ties with the streetscape above, on of the rectangular volumes at the upper level is given over to be Mercado space.  This rectangular volume is also used to create a new circulation path and connection between Mitchell Street to the South of the building and the parking area at the structures Northern boundary.