Water Town Plank Road Pedestrian Bridge

Barrientos Design was contracted to design a pedestrian bridge over Watertown Plank Road to connect the future parking garage at the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) and the Children’s Hospital parking garage. This
key connection will allow visitors to the RMH to safely pass over the road and directly access the skywalk to the hospital. Although the passage will not be fully enclosed, it will be covered overhead to screen and protect users from winter weather. The bridge will also connect the sidewalks along Watertown Plank Road to allow for a gentle sloping ramp over the street.

Two options for the bridge were developed during the design process. This curved options connects the two parking structures with a smooth and fluid slope with a with an arched overhead structure.

Download Data Sheet

Watertown Plank Road Pedestrian Bridge from Barrientos Design on Vimeo.